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ICChess is an application of OpenCV, the open source computer vision and machine learning library, and it requires the OpenCV Manager to work. Unless you have it installed from before, the app will redirect you to Google Play for download on the first start-up. It is totally free and makes sure you get the best version of OpenCV for your device.When presented with an updated position on the board, ICChess will attempt to derive the latest move by analyzing the camera feed. With the right setup ICChess can successfully record the entire game for you automatically. With the latest release you can also play against the computer, and have it speak out the response to your move by using the devices default voice synthesizer.
Free features:- Scan and record games.- Live computer evaluation and/or computer play.- Spoken moves and notifications (in English).- Chess clock plugin by installing the ICChess clock app.- Control the camera remotely and automatically by using the ICChess clock app from a second device, connected via Bluetooth (preferably with the device mounted in a holder/stand).- Import and export game from/to pgn.- Display avatars or player images loaded from device storage or camera.
Premium features:- Cast the game to the big screen with Google Cast (Chromecast).- No Ads
The premium features can be unlocked selectively or as a whole. As a bonus, the first upgrade you make will follow your account, and hence, will be available across different installations of the app.
All features are made free to try during the opening, since there is no guarantee that the app will work satisfactory on all the 9000+ compatible devices listed by Google. It is currently only tested on a handful of devices. These are:
- Sony Xperia Z3- Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5- Samsung Galaxy S4 active- Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1- LG p880- Lenovo Tab2 A7-10 (only front camera with too low resolution for scanning).- HTC One X
You are encouraged to test the app thoroughly before you consider making an upgrade. Use the provided sample images above as reference when positioning the camera.